This year has definitely been one for the history books, a year full of lazy days in, occasional park walks and long trips to the supermarket to escape home schooling. Even though, no official data has been released for how many little ones we should be expecting in the following months but personally, I have seen an upsurge in comparison to the last few years!

How many of your friends and Family are expecting parents?
Are you expecting another little one?

I was reading an article in the mirror stating a Mums net survey of women in the UK shows that one third of those who are currently pregnant say the pandemic played a part, how crazy is this? Does this mean we should be expecting the birth rate to not just double but triple?

Six Pregnancies, one street!

Won’t have to go far for their play dates!

Have you heard about  the Bristol Lockdown Baby boom Street, One street with Six women all pregnant simultaneously. Like icing on the cake, they all live on the same side of the Clouds Hill Avenue, you would certainly say there is something in the water. Mrs Parkinson was the first mother on Clouds Hill, The others are due in all different months of this year, what a hilarious but cute surprise for the street!

On the other hand, An Article on sky news spoke of the prediction by Pricewaterhousecoopers (PWC) has predicted there could be fewer babies born in the UK in 2021 than in ‘any year’ since records began. They are basing this on, that the current pandemic is negatively impacting peoples decisions if to increase their family. As the last 12 months have affected many homes, with many families anchored by the financial strain of job loss or just now questioning, if now is the right time.

So what do you guys think, guess we won’t know for sure till the figures come out next year?

Baby Boom or Bust?

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