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Difference between our Deep and Steam Clean!

We offer two premium cleaning services, The traditional deep clean is great for a real thorough clean of your buggy. While the steam clean is great for parents who want their pushchair, that is already in a good condition to feel fresh & clean again.

One thing, we get asked a lot is what is the difference between the two, Here is a blog to help explain the difference processes: 

Our steam clean process

    Our deep clean process

    The Results

    The Deep clean insures the best results as it comes with a guarantee it kills 99.9% of bacteria. We always recommend this clean if you have brought your pushchair second hand, if it has been stored for a while in a garage/loft or just having a new little one. 

    Unsure which one suits you best? That's Fine, Don't worry. When it gets to us, during the safety inspection we will check which clean suits your needs best and add this to the estimate

    Pushchair CleaningChassis cleanSteam cleanDeep clean
    Adjustment, tightening and lubrication of chassis XXX
    Wash and polish of wheels XXX
    Wipe down of hard surfaces XXX
    Steam clean of entire pushchair XX
    Fabrics hand wash X
    Fabrics launder X
    Vomit or potty accident treatment ( If applicable) X
    Extensive deep clean and stain removal X
    Mould/mildrew removal (If applicable) X
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