From pushchair repairs to professional pram cleaning, we are equipped and always ready to help!

Our pram cleaning service provides a range of options to suit your needs.  We offer a general steam clean for your buggy or an extensive deep clean which includes stain removal and mould and mildew removal for pushchairs that need a little extra scrub and attention.

Compare our services below to find the best package for your pram.

Pram Cleaning FeaturesChassis CleanSteam CleanDeep Clean
Adjustment, tightening and lubrication of chassistick tick tick
Wash and polish of wheels tick tick tick
Wipe down of hard surfaces tick tick tick
Vaccum tick tick
Steam clean of entire pushchair tick tick
Fabrics hand wash tick
Fabrics launder tick
Vomit or potty accident treatment ( If applicable) tick
Extensive deep clean and stain removal tick
Mould/mildrew removal (If applicable) tick

Repair + Cleaning Bundle  SAVE £21.00

If you think your pushchair needs a repair, we recommend using our Repair + Cleaning Bundle.
Just choose  which pram cleaning service you would like and we will conduct a full review of your chassis and complete any repairs, as well as providing a thorough valet. This way, you know we’re not only cleaning your pram, but, we are also improving the quality of your ride too!

In A Hurry?

We offer an Express Service for customers who would like to jump the queue and have their service prioritised. We can offer this service for Repairs, Chassis Cleans or Steam Cleans for £18.00 more than the standard price.
If you book an appointment and bring your items directly to our Harrow Service Centre, we can complete your service within 1 hour.
If you arrange a courier and want an Express Repair or Chassis Clean Service, we can deliver your items back within 3 days, as oppose to the standard 1 week.

Using a second hand buggy? Check out the kind of pram cleaning results you can expect from our Full Works.  Mould removal is no problem for us!

Once you know which service you would like,  you can either go straight to booking in or read more about the different ways you can bring your pushchair into us.

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