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How often should you wash your baby's car seat?

Next to your pushchair, your baby's car seat would be the second most used item of travel for your child. Like your pushchair you should check your car seat at least once a month, you could make the argument that you don't use it as much as your pushchair so you may not need to check it as much but we recommend you do so anyway (no harm in making sure its clean right?). In this blog we'll go over what kinds of stains you will find your pushchair with and what you can do to clean them.

Step 1).

Unlike pushchairs, there aren't that many parts of a car seat for you to worry about cleaning, just the cover and the chair itself. For step one we'll be going over how to clean the cover of the carseat, starting with the most common stains that you'll find on them such as food stains, food crumbs, drink stains and dust (jeez there are a lot of comparisons to pushchairs aren't there?). If you want to make your life easier then we suggest taking the cover of the seat off so that it will be much easier to clean. Some covers will be machine washable so just plop it into the machine and you'll be good to go. (please check if yours is machine washable first, Also keep in mind that not all covers are removable so check if yours is) If your cover isn't machine washable not then look at the label on the seat to see how to wash it. Most will say to wash by sponge so try and follow that.

Step 2).

Next up you need to clean the chair itself. If you are able to remove the cushion from the chair then cleaning it should be fine, if you aren't able to remove the cushion then your best bet to clean it would be to book an appointment at Buggy Pitstop. Since the chair is covered by the cushion there won't be much dirt for you to clean off, the dirt you'll mainly clean would be cleaning the chair should be really easy, all you would really need is to wash by sponge and soap which will help get rid of all the dust and access stains. Once that is done vacuum both the cushion and the chair to get rid of any leftover dirt and it should be nicely all cleaned.

Step 3).

The next and final step is to clean the buckles of the car seat, these aren't nearly as hard to clean as the chair or the cushion but they can still be a pain nonetheless. This is because you need to make sure that you don't damage the mechanisms of the buckle otherwise it will fail to clip in next time. So we recommend using a silicone based spray to clean the insides of the buckle to insure it doesn't get damaged, as for the outside of the buckle try to use an antibacterial wipe. Wipe the outside of the buckle a couple of times before wiping that down with a tissue, do the same wiping process with the belt itself to properly clean it.

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