Pre-loved to be Re-loved

The Buggy Pitstop Refubrished pushchairs is a great way to get a Pre-Loved or Ex Display Model Pushchair at a competitive price, We are the one-stop destination offering each of our refubished pushchairs a 6-Month Buggy Pitstop Guarantee to keep you and baby safe. Our staff work hard to ensure all pushchairs are safety checked and cleaned to a high standard to ensure your little one is safe if you come to our showroom we will be more than happy to walk you through our products, coordinate a test drive, share helpful cleaning tips come on in!

Parent Approved

Incredible service. I had a BabyZen Yoyo with a broken break and dodgy wheels. I took the buggy in and the team had fixed it within 30 minutes. Wonderful customer service - the type you don’t often see. Would wholeheartedly recommend.

William Hitchins

The guys at Buggy Pit Stop saved me a fortune on my BabyZen yoyo. I noticed a part that is vital to collapse the buggy for a flight was missing. The guys already had the part in stock and fitting it in seconds as I waited in their showroom. It was a very cheap fix to what was going to be a very expensive problem. Thanks BPS !!

Tony Rossiter

Excellent and professional service. Clear communication about what to expect and the costs. Repair was fast as I opted for the express service. Buggy is good as new! Would highly recommend.

Aditya Nayar

All of our pushchairs goes through the following

Safety Inspection

We understand the need for having a pushchair which is safe, so we provide all pushchairs with a 10-point saferty inspection. If the pushchairs needs any small repairs or parts replaced these will be carried out to ensure the pushchairs meets a saftey requirement.

Deep Clean

We provide a our most instensive clean to our refubished pushchairs, this ensures the highest standard of results. The Deep clean includes: Fabric Handwash & Launder, steam cleaning & the frame is washed and polished

Shop By Grade

Bugaboo Bee 6

Bugaboo Bee 6

Bugaboo Donkey 2

Bugaboo Donkey 2

Bugaboo Fox 2

Bugaboo Fox 2

Stokke Xplory V6/X

Stokke Xplory V6/X

Grade A

1. Little to no scratches

2. Materials in great condition and free from fading / sun damage

3. All standard accessories included

Grade - B

1. Little to Minor cosmetic damage (Inc scratches or slight foam damage)

2. Materials free from fading / sun damage

3. All standard accessories included

Grade - C

1. Cosmetic damage evident, may inc scratched, foam damage etc.

2. Materials may include sun damage or fraying

3. We will try to included all standard accessories