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Maintaining a Lightweight Stroller

Maintaining a Lightweight Stroller

One thing that is extremely important in prolonging the life expectancy of your Pushchair is maintenance and Servicing. Here are some of the Most Important Tips for Maintaining the Durability of your Lightweight strollers wheels!

Always Lubricate your wheels!

With lightweight strollers solely designed to be as compact as possible, this goes hand in hand with smaller wheels. These concludes they are not as durable as jogging pushchairs or larger strollers. By lubricating the wheels, you reduce heat, noise and wear by reducing friction, the sprayed wheels are left water and dirt resistant around the bearings. This is something you should start as soon as you purchase your stroller, this will help you a lot in the future with issues with the wheels. 

The Most important is you must use a Silcone based spray, No WD40, as this would make the dirt stick and defeat the purpose. You must spray the wheel Axle and the chassis connection. 

Wipe down your wheels!

After, you take your Lightweight stroller over more muddier terrain’s, you must wipe them down or spray some silicone based spray on them. Being a parent, you have a million things to worry about but trust me, It makes a world of difference. Any mud or water left inside for a long period of time will accelerate the rust on the bearings. 

We now have some silicone based spray in stock. So after your service you have an aftercare kit, so you’re all set to go for many smooth journeys. Or you can buy them from local bike shops or amazon!

Love them!

We love when we get customers that come back to us with strollers that have overseen all their little ones!

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