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[NEW SERVICE] The Steam Clean!

[NEW SERVICE] The Steam Clean!

Get your pushchair or car seat cleaned with our new steam clean service!

Our traditional deep clean service is great for when you need a real thorough clean on your buggy, like, for example, before using it for a second time. But what about the everyday muck and messes?

Introducing our new Steam Clean Service! Perfect for buggies and car seats that need a little TLC, but not the stain or mould removal.

Using our new industrial, high tech, steam cleaner, we have introduced this pram cleaning service for parents who don’t want the hassle of cleaning their pushchair or car seat after their tots have had their way with it. And with an affordable price and great results, why not focus your time on something more important?


Before: The consequence of a toddler eating in a car seat…
After: Nice & clean (Sorry about the different angle :$)


What’s doubly great about this new car seat and pram cleaning service is that you can upgrade to an ‘Express’ at our Harrow Service Centre and get it your items cleaned within the hour!

So what’s included?

See below the difference between the three pram cleaning services we offer:

Pushchair Cleaning Chassis Clean Steam Clean Deep Clean
Adjustment, tightening and lubrication of chassis  ?  ?  ?
Wash and polish of wheels  ?  ?  ?
Wipe down of hard surfaces  ?  ?  ?
Vaccum  ?  ?
Steam clean of entire pushchair  ?  ?
Fabrics hand wash  ?
Fabrics launder  ?
Vomit or potty accident treatment ( If applicable)  ?
Extensive deep clean and stain removal  ?
Mould/mildrew removal (If applicable)  ?

And the Price?

Lightweight (Maclaren, Baby Zen etc) £30.00
Double Lightweight £45.00
Medium Pushchair (City Mini etc) £40.00
Double Medium Pushchair £55.00
2 in 1 Pushchair (Bugaboo Bee, Uppababy, Stokke etc) £60.00
Double 2 in 1 Pushchair (Bugaboo Donkey Duo etc) £75.00
Additional Items (Footmuffs, Parasols, Raincover etc) each £10.00
All Car Seats £25.00
Express Upgrade* (+)£18.00

So if you’ve got a list as long as your arm of things to do, why not let us help to tick this one off? Find out more about us or book your pushchair/ car seat steam clean today.

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