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5 tips to keep your nursery safe

5 tips to keep your nursery safe

Being a parent is always full of things to think (and worry) about. The safety of your children is always a main thing that parents will focus on.

Here at Buggy Pitstop we can make sure that your buggy is in the best condition possible, and is entirely safe for your child to sit in, but we know that there are other areas that parents will want to ensure is safe too.

With this in mind, we have put together our guide to making sure that your nursery is safe. Some of these are simple, some are obvious and some are things that you might not think of, but hopefully you find some ideas that can help to keep your little one safe and sound.

1. Don’t keep the cot by the window

Whilst having a cot by the window looks good, it isn’t always the safest place for your little one to be. There are a number of reasons for this, one is that there could be a situation where the window could smash, and cover your sleeping one in glass. Also, when they are able to climb, you could find that they are able to gain access to the window, increasing their risk of falling out of it.

2. Cover the plugs

Children love to stick their fingers in things, and they simply won’t understand that a plug socket isn’t a great place to poke. It is a good idea to remove the temptation by installing plug covers for the nursery. Not only are these incredibly easy to install, but they are cheap too, and they can really offer great protection from the risk of electrocution.

3. Store things out of the way

Curiosity is normal in children, they want to explore, to touch and get in most of their things in their environment. This means that when it comes to planning the nursery, you should try to store things in a way that poses the minimal risk to them. Particularly those things that you would normally find in their changing table. Babies love play with things that they shouldn’t and not only can talc, cream or wet wipes everywhere be messy, but some things could prove dangerous to your children.

4. Use non-toxic paint

You may not realise it, but paint can contain some toxic properties that can be a bit of a threat to children and babies. This means that when choosing the paint for the nursery, you should try to aim for a water-based paint with low levels  or no volatile organic compounds (VOC).  For example, B&Q have introduced VOC labels and all their own-label paints are water based. 

5. Make sure that furniture is properly secured

We have all seen stories in the media of children being crushed by furniture that they try to climb up or use to pull themselves up. This means that any furniture that is in the nursery should be well secured, reducing the risk that it could fall on them and injure them. You can do this by attaching wall anchors to prevent accidents, Ikea has a useful page on different types of anchors.

So, now you know some of the things that you should look out for when sorting out the nursery. Why not put some of them in place today and you can have the peace of mind that your little one is safe and sound?

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