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Common Bugaboo Cameleon Handle Issue

Common Bugaboo Cameleon Handle Issue

Got a Bugaboo Cameleon? find out why the handles can break and how to prevent it happening to you!

Bugaboo Cameleon’s are very popular pushchairs, and for good reason! Its fashionable brand image, high quality design, and ease of manoeuvrability make it a sought after product in both the new and second hand market.

Although, as with most brands, sometimes things can go wrong and when this happens, our pushchair repair mechanics can help. Saying this, our team is reporting a reoccurring problem in our customer’s Bugaboo Cameleon's that can be prevented with more widespread knowledge.

Sometimes, applying excess pressure to the handles will cause the handles to drop; leave the pushchair unable to fold or, in some cases, result in the buggy being unable to stay open at all.  If this does happen to you- don’t worry- it can be fixed; but wouldn’t you rather avert the issue, than resolve it?

We’ve made this video to explain the most common reasons why this happens; so that you can equip yourself with the knowledge to stop it happening to you!

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